5 Practical Tips for UK Manufacturers Posting Job Adverts

By Made In Group
schedule21st Apr 23

When it comes to recruiting for manufacturing companies in the UK, writing an effective job advert is crucial for attracting the right candidates and ultimately enhancing your company's capabilities. Here, we have compiled some simple yet important tips for UK manufacturing companies to remember when crafting a job advert.


1. Define the Role Clearly

Start by defining the role clearly. This should include a job title, job description, and person specification. Be as specific as possible about the duties and responsibilities of the role, as well as the skills and experience required.


2. Highlight the Benefits

Make sure you highlight the benefits of the role. This could include details of the salary, working hours, and any additional benefits such as pension schemes or healthcare plans. Highlighting the benefits of the role can help to attract the right candidates and encourage them to apply.


3. Emphasise the Company Culture

Emphasise the company culture and values in your job advert. This can help to attract candidates who share your values and are a good fit for your company. It can also help to differentiate your company from competitors and make your job advert stand out.


4. Include Contact Details & Be Responsive

It is vital to be on the ball with responding to any queries promptly and professionally. Alongside this, ensure that you include the necessary contact details clearly; preferably towards the bottom of the job advert.


5. Post on Relevant Platforms

Post your job advert on relevant platforms, such as job boards and social media sites. This will help to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of finding the right candidate. Find out more about this below...


If you’re a member of Made in Group - composed of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire - you are able to advertise job vacancies to a concentrated audience of thousands of talented manufacturing and engineering jobseekers. Once you posted a job vacancy through your account, we will add this to the Made Futures jobs board and share it out via social media to our network of thousands.



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