Why Cybersecurity is Crucial for Protecting Business Value

By Made In Group
schedule26th Oct 22

Recently MIM Patron CyberGuard (part of the Wavenet Group) hosted a Made Masterclass to support members in strengthening their cybersecurity.

Nick Johnson, Head of Advisory Services, who has worked for over two decades in IT and Security, delivered a 15 minute presentation to discuss:

- How increasing your focus on cyber security can add value to your business

- Why the use of automation and continuous testing in cyber security need to be adopted as standard

- Where to start when maturing your Cyber Security posture

If you missed Nick's event, then you can watch it back in full now on Made Talks, or watch the short clip below. For further support from CyberGuard (part of the Wavenet Group), you can get in touch on 01299 873800.



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