What Are the Key Benefits of Solar Energy for Your Business?

By Made in Group
schedule23rd Nov 22

In November 2022, Ineco Energy hosted a Made Masterclass which could be attended by members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, focusing on solar energy's power to support a sustainable future for businesses.


As part of this virtual event, Ineco Energy Director Angus Rose - who has over 6 years of experience with the company - delivered a presentation on solar energy, offering insight on its common misconceptions and its potential for manufacturing and engineering companies.


Ineco Energy was created to accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy solutions to fight climate change and protect our planet, while saving our customers' money by reducing their energy bills.



Angus touched on the key benefits of solar energy, its applications and why companies should invest in it as soon as possible. Angus also went into detail on the practical implications of solar energy, such as finance options and grants which are available for companies. As well as this, Angus spoke about time scales for development of this energy resource, as well as maintenance and operations information.


You can watch the full event on Made Talks here, or watch the short clip from this event below where Angus touches on the key benefits of solar energy.


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