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The Made in Group is a privately owned peer group that exists to further the intersts of British industry.

Our online platform, which hosts, Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, will be expanding its reach by adding in additional regions for; Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, South East, South West, North East and North West.

Our mission is to back Britain by backing manufacturing'. We believe National security and prosperity depend on a robust industrial sector. We can reignite our industrial base if we invest, share knowledge, innovate, and inspire the future generation.

We are 'Backing Britain' by providing manufacturers with the ultimate 'social knowledge network'. We connect industry leaders via our peer-to-peer networking meetings and increase the U.K. industry's visibility online with our unique digital platform that connects more than 500 firms.

The Made in Group created the platform in the financial recession to rebuild future proof Britain's manufacturing base.


In our early days, we launched as an editorial campaign based on a pledge which more than 100 founding members signed; this was a commitment to; Open a channel of communication with local firms; Export to new markets;

Made Futures
Made Futures is a campaign to educate and inspire manufacturers' future workforce. Our team delivered this via a targeted exhibition and series of panel discussions aimed at young people when deciding which career path to choose.

Made Equal
A project aimed at enhancing manufacturing as a career choice to a diverse workforce, including recruiting more women into the sector

Net Zero
Everyone learned how to use digital communications effectively during the pandemic. Now the challenges are different, energy volatility and a reassessment of working practices. For many industries; reducing energy consumption or carbon emmissions is a real challenge, but in other areas there is more control, including; using business travel and use of time more smartly.

With face to face meetings and networking moving to a higher value tier. Accoring to McKenzies the customer journey will now be done 70% digitally.
We are the only membership group for manufacturers that is prioritising digital connectivity, we do this through our network of more than 500 websites that are all interconnected via a suite of tools news blogging, attendfing virtual events, messaging and online, 3D factory tours, just like google maps but its inside member factories.

After 2 years of battling a pandemic we now feel the time is right to grow, by connecting more compnaies we can make a posirtive differene to the UK's growth agenda.
With competing nations taking more aggressive approachs its no longer possible to sit back and watch industry decline. We must grow or face the consequneces.

To furfil our goals we are seeking partners who wish to join our mission. If you are interesting in directly investing, joining a region or managing your own community we are interested in speaking with you.
Please emakil [email protected] with expression of interest and to receive more details.

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