Take This Virtual Journey Through a Wednesbury Factory

By Made In Group
schedule8th Dec 22

As part of Rozone's stand at Backing Britain 3.0, you can now take a virtual tour of the company premises through innovative 3D technology.


Over the last year, the Made in Group team commited to going out to visit members and create 'digital twins' of their factories, using innovative Matterport technology. This technology is used to create 3D walkaround of companies' factories, which is then showcased on their stand at Backing Britain 3.0.


This tour is being highlighted due to the brilliant way in which it it takes you on a journey throughout the factory, including the reception, office areas and shop floor.



Based in Wednesbury, Rozone specialise in high-performing, innovative cleaning solutions, replacing potentially hazardous products with water-based or safer solvent-based solutions


These factory tours give businesses the chance to share best practices, showcase their capabilities and more. Backing Britain 3.0 is an all year round virtual exhibition which members of Made in Group the tools to sell in a post-covid world with engaging 3D content, whilst helping them reduce their carbon footprint.


The stand at Backing Britain 3.0 is going to be available 365 days a year, giving people the opportunity to walk around Rozone's factory, find out more about the company, ask questions and more. Click the link below and then navigate to '3D TOURS' on the left to go on this virtual factory tour yourself.




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