Key Strategies Behind an MD's Successful 75 Years in Business

By Made in Group
schedule21st Nov 22

In the November instalment of The Editor's Pick, guest editor Tony Baldassara (UK Site Lead & Director at Greene Tweed) spoke with 3 industry leaders from the Made in Group about their latest company news.


Greene Tweed, is a global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastics, composites, and engineered components, with a UK base in Ruddington. Tony was able to select any recent news stories from the Made in Group membership as that week's Guest Editor, and decided to speak with Roy Taylor (Managing Director at Malthouse Engineering), Richard Parkes (Sales & Business Director at Cadspec) and Daren Lightwood (Managing Director at ALWAYSE) to discuss the latest in manufacturing.


ALWAYSE's Managing Director Daren Lightwood spoke about how the company responded back in 2018 when 30% of their staff were due to retire within the next two years; whilst Richard Parkes, Sales & Business Director at Cadspec, spoke about the likes of skill gaps and training within UK industry.


In this article, we are focusing on the conversation with Roy Taylor, Managing Director at Malthouse Engineering. Roy spoke about some of the key strategies behind a successful 75 years in business, and much more.


Based in Oldbury, Malthouse Engineering is the UK's largest steel profilers offering steel profiles up to 500mm thick in a range of certified materials.


You can either watch the full episode on Made Talks or watch the individual clip of Roy Taylor's story below! You can also now sign up to watch the next episode of The Editor's Pick, with Clarion Solicitor's Caroline Broad as the guest editor: MIM sign up page | MIY sign up page.


Some of the Key Strategies Behind an MD's Successful 75 Years in Business


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