Have You Considered an Apprenticeship in Manufacturing?

By Made in Group
schedule13th Feb 23

Manufacturing & engineering apprenticeships can begin your journey into a range of exciting career opportunities, throughout a wide-array of industries.


Apprenticeships in engineering are available at intermediate, advanced, higher and degree levels, all of which will offer you a chance to learn needed and practical skills.


These apprenticeships will give you the chance to make a real difference within UK industry, with UK manufacturing & engineering being extremely important for creating vital and often life-changing products and equipment.


Whether its in a factory by million pound machines or handmade within a small workshop, virtually every object has to be manufactured, meaning that there are a wide array of industries that you can do an apprenticeship within. 


Some of the main industries that you can do an engineering & manufacturing apprenticeship in include:



- Broadcast

- Civil Engineering

- Communication

- Construction

- Electrical

- Energy

- Hydraulics

- Maintenance

- Manufacturing Engineering   

- Marine

- Mechanical

- Mining

- Process Engineering

- Systems Engineering

- Telecommunications

- Transport


Made Futures promote a variety of job opportunities within the UK manufacturing & engineering industry, from apprenticeships up to senior positions. Find out more about Made Futures job opportunities below.



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