How to Achieve Successful Employee Retention

By Made In Group
schedule13th Mar 23

Keeping talented and hard-working employees is key to the success of any business, which is why we've compiled a list of Made U videos to help our members in employee engagement.


Made U - short for Made University - is your home for best practice talks from the manufacturing community and expert masterclasses to help you expertly network, market and sell your brand. Whether you've been creating on Made for years, or are just getting started, we've got you covered.


Keep scrolling below to discover 5 videos which you can access today through Made U which offer guidance and inspiration on employee engagement.


The Importance of Acting on Staff Feedback


What is Some Best Practice in Reskilling Employees?


The Importance of Ensuring Staff are Engaged with New Technology


Best Practice for Onboarding Employees To Your Business


The Importance of Talent Attraction and Retention



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