5 Made Talks Which Will Inspire Digital Excellence Within Your Business

By Made in Group
schedule13th Jun 22

'Digital' can comprise a wide variety of skills and processes for companies and, to give an insight into the innovative best practice available on Made Talks, we have put together 5 videos which share crucial digital skills which your business could benefit from.

In an effort to inspire and educate businesses regarding this topic, we have put together 5 Made Talks on sustainable manufacturing. In total, there are over 50 Made Talks by industry experts, which are there to share best practice, inspire and educate yourself and your staff. From "creative ways for manufacturers to go green" and "how to balance global presence with local identity", to "the basics of manufacturers protecting themselves with cybersecurity" and "how to build a successful company culture". Scroll below for five talks which share best practice on digital skills.


The Omni-Channel: How the Fusion of Traditional and Digital is Here to Stay

This instalment of Made Talks sees SFS MD David Wigglesworth speak to members of Made in Group at a Virtual Breakfast Morning which took place on 22nd September 2021. David spoke to everyone about Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and how manufacturers need to stay ahead of the curve.


Protecting your “Big Six” from Cyber Crime, Essential Info for Manufacturers

Here Chief Technical Officer, Paul Colwell, MIM’s IT & cyber security Patron Partner – discusses all things cyber security. It’s a hot topic right now, as cyber criminals are turning their attention to the manufacturing industry, realising the chaos they can cause (and hefty ransom they can demand) by halting a production line or compromising operational technology. Paul explains what the “Big Six” are and why getting cyber security in place to protect them is essential work for business owners and company directors


Social Media Masterclass for Manufacturers

Katie Andrews, Marketing Executive at CBE+, provides some great tips and strategies for those working in marketing or social media based manufacturing roles. This event was originally broadcasted at the Made Futures Virtual Careers Fair (22nd-26th March 2021) - encouraging people to consider roles in manufacturing.


A Story on Cybersecurity and the Basics for Manufacturers Protecting Themselves

With there being so many dangers for companies in this digital era, this Made Talks instalment sees Ron Austin - Associate Professor in Network Security at Birmingham City University - speak to members about the importance of cybersecurity and firms protecting themselves.


Digital Solutions for Manufacturers

Buying a new system can be extreme in terms of cost and the impact on people, processes and training requirements. Custom digital solutions are a lower risk, faster and more affordable way to improve your existing technology and extend the life of core systems. In this masterclass Chris Allport, Fluid’s Business Development Manger demos three solutions.


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