3 Fantastic Investment Stories for UK Industry

By Made In Group
schedule21st Dec 22

Since the launch of The Editor's Pick, we have seen a wide array of topics discussed surrounding the UK manufacturing and engineering industry, including apprenticeships, company investments, employee success stories, rebrands, and many more compelling company stories. Here, we are looking back at 3 fantastic investment stories from 2022.


The Editor's Pick sees one industry leader take the role of Guest Editor each week, selecting three recent news stories from Made in Group to interview, during a live, open forum discussion. These episodes are streamed live and uploaded to Made in Group's YouTube channel, Made LIVEMade in Group is continuing this series in 2023, with new hosts being booked regularly for this monthly event.


Pam Jackson Speaks on the Automation Investment Set to Accelerate Siddall & Hilton's Journey


The Importance of Investing in a Green Agenda (Allan Joyce, Balmoral Tanks)


CBE+ CEO Speaks on Company's £4m Project to Bring 5 Divisions Under 1 Roof (Marie Cooper)


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